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  • Tips For Managing Family Drama and Stress Through The Holidays

    The holidays are often thought to be a time of joy and celebration, but for some, that reality can be very different. Sometimes, family drama and stress become more intense around the holidays. As expectations run high and emotions run even higher. In this blog, we will offer practical tips to help navigate the family stress that comes with the holidays. We will explore ways to manage stress and family drama. And explore how family therapy could be a valuable resource for future gatherings.

    Three christmas decorations sitting on the beach at the holidays. Stress and family drama higher during the holidays? Holiday stress can be normal. Call now to see how a Saint Petersburg, FL family therapist can help manage your anxiety and stress symptoms.

    My Stress Is So High Around the Holidays…

    Before we dive into coping strategies, let’s think about why the holidays might stress us out. Sometimes we want everything to be perfect, but unfortunately, that’s not realistic. Give yourself some grace! In fact, one study by Study Finds asked people what makes it hard for them to relax during the holidays. Behind the financial strain, individuals voted that stressful family events around the holidays made it harder to relax.

    Families have problems, and problems can make the holidays tough. It could be high expectations, unresolved conflict, or distant relationships. Family therapy provides a safe space to explore and address these issues. Where an environment leaves room for open communication and understanding. 

    Tips for Managing Family Drama:

    Keep It Real:

    Set realistic expectations. Remember that no family is perfect, and that is totally OK! Embrace imperfections. Try to remain realistic about what you and your family could expect during the holidays.

    Talk It Out:

    Practice effective communication. Good communication is key. When things get tough, try to talk calmly and listen to each other. Instead of blaming, focus on finding solutions to problems. Family therapy focuses on the importance of open and honest communication.

    Set Boundaries:

    First, define your own boundaries. Then, clearly communicate your boundaries to your family members. Whether it is needing some alone time, avoiding certain topics, or setting time limits — Setting boundaries keeps things calm.

    Get Expert Help:

    If your family is struggling with big challenges, then a family therapist can be very helpful. Think of them like a “referee.” Someone who provides insight, mediates conversation, and guides a family towards healthier interactions. 

    People walking by the water with a christmas tree during the holidays season. Family drama around the holidays can lead to more anxiety. Call today to see how a St. Petersburg, FL family therapist can help you and your family cope with the stress that comes with the holidays.

    Coping With Stress Related to Family Around the Holidays: 

    Take Care of Yourself:

    Make sure caring for yourself is a priority. Set time for activities that make you happy and help you relax. Whether it be reading, going for a walk, or just hanging out. Self-care is vital.

    Plan Ahead:

    Plan your holiday events ahead of time to reduce stress. Remain realistic about what you can do. Create a schedule, share tasks with others, and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

    Focus on Gratitude:

    Encourage your family to share what they are thankful for during the holidays. Shifting focus to what you are thankful for can lift spirits. It can create a positive atmosphere. Shifting focus can help family members feel good, and remind us why family is important.

    Create New Traditions:

    Try new stuff. If old traditions cause stress, try introducing new ones. This could also help shift the focus from past conflicts to creating new memories. A mindset shift makes happiness more reachable for everyone.

    Do You Feel Better About Managing Family Stress Around The Holidays? 

    The holiday season does not have to come with immediate thoughts of stress and family drama. Keep in mind the tips shared for improving family time during the holidays. Remember asking for help is OK and shows you want your family to be happy and healthy. Consider family therapy for you and your family is problems seem too large to manage.

    About The Author

    Aniko Illes obtained her bachelor’s degree from Florida State University and her master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Capella University. Her experience with using a systemic approach means she will greatly consider how individuals and couples are influenced by their families, patterns, and larger systems. Aniko works collaboratively with her clients, whether they are individuals, families, or couples. Aniko’s goal is for her clients to identify their strengths and utilize them for long-term success.

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