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  • Gifted Evaluations

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    What is Gifted Testing?

    Gifted testing is administered in order to assess and identify gifted children. Testing will describe a student’s performance in their studies in relation to others. Through a gifted evaluation, our clinical neuropsychologists will determine your child’s IQ and measure their cognitive functioning ability including verbal and nonverbal abilities, working memory, and processing speed. The process involves measuring various aspects of cognitive functioning, including verbal and nonverbal abilities, working memory, and processing speed. Additionally, academic skills such as reading, writing, and mathematics are assessed to gain a holistic understanding of a child’s strengths and weaknesses.


    Identifying whether a child is gifted is crucial for tailoring their educational experience. Gifted students often benefit from alternative academic plans to ensure they are sufficiently challenged and engaged. If you suspect your child may be gifted, undergoing gifted testing can help uncover their unique abilities. Moreover, the results of these assessments can be instrumental in determining eligibility for placement in gifted programs.

    Benefits of Gifted Testing:

    • Customized Education: Gifted testing helps create tailored academic plans to challenge and support the development of gifted students.
    • Advanced Placement: Results can be used for enrollment in advanced preschool or primary school programs, private schools, or special education programs.
    • Informed Decision-Making: Parents and educators gain valuable insights into a child’s learning style, strengths, and areas that may need additional attention.

    Gifted Student Signs:

    • Boredom in Class: Gifted students may show signs of restlessness or boredom when not adequately challenged in the classroom.
    • Passion for Learning: A genuine love for learning and a heightened curiosity are common traits among gifted children.
    • Quick Task Completion: Gifted students may finish tasks faster than their peers, leading to potential disruptive behavior.
    • Rapid Skill Acquisition: The ability to learn basic skills swiftly and with minimal practice.
    • Reduced Practice Needs: Gifted children may require less repetition and practice to master new skills compared to their classmates.

    What is the process for Gifted testing?

    Evaluation Process:

    • Your child will undergo a comprehensive gifted student evaluation.
    • Results will be shared through a feedback appointment, providing a detailed understanding of your child’s cognitive and academic abilities.


    • A comprehensive evaluation report will be provided, which can be shared with your child’s school.
    • Some school systems may require additional forms to process gifted program placement.

    Existing IQ Testing:

    • If your child has undergone prior IQ testing, sharing this information with the provider is crucial for a comprehensive understanding of their cognitive abilities.


    Identifying and supporting gifted children through thorough testing is a vital step in ensuring their educational needs are met. The results not only guide academic planning but also contribute to a holistic understanding of a child’s potential, fostering an environment where their talents can flourish.

    How much does Gifted Testing cost?

    The cost of a gifted testing evaluation is $1200 and includes IQ testing and academic testing.

    If you feel your child may qualify for Gifted Placement in school, contact us to schedule an appointment!