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    Family Therapy

    Is your family facing challenges that seem impossible to overcome? Are you looking for better communication and connection with your loved ones? Take a moment to reflect. What positive changes could your family experience with the right support? What hopes and goals do you have for your family’s future? Could family therapy help my family?

    At our Saint Petersburg, FL therapy services practice, we understand that family is at the core of who we are. After all, our family therapy services are there to help understand family dynamics. 

    Attention: We are now accepting select insurance plans. Including Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS), UnitedHealthcare/ Optum, and Humana. Reach out to your insurance company to learn your benefits.

    Family of 3 holding hands on the beach. Family therapy can help you all reconnect. Learn more about how a St Petersburg, FL family therapist can support you.

    How Does My Family Influence Who I Am?

    Our families are the foundation of our identity. Although, they shape who we are as individuals. They also affect the dynamics of the family unit. Also, they shape our interactions within larger societal systems. Our counselors see the impact family has on personal development and well-being.

    Individual Development:

    Firstly, from the moment we enter the world… our families play a crucial part in shaping our identity. In family context, we learn what makes us unique. Additionally, we learn language, develop first habits, and adopt values and beliefs. In short, they guide our decision-making. Our early experiences form the basis of our personality. To summarize, it influences how we view ourselves and relate to others.

    Family Dynamics:

    Secondly, families are complex systems. Each member plays a unique role, whether they know it or not. So, individual roles add to the dynamics of the family unit. Identifying family dynamics helps face the challenges. For example, like conflicts, communication breakdowns, and power imbalances.

    Altogether, family therapists look into how roles within the family add to the issues. Thus, looking at family patterns, motivate individuals and families to make positive changes.

    Larger Systems:

    Finally, beyond family dynamics, there is more to uncover. There are many factors that determine how we interact with larger systems. For instance, influences include our early experiences and learned behaviors. Larger systems include friendships, work environments, and communities. Family dynamics often serve as a template for your personal relationships and challenges.

    Family therapy, as has been noted, identifies the connection between person and system. Our therapists address family influences. So, if families learn techniques for more positive interactions… then, they will learn to build healthy, relationships.

    What Are The Benefits of Family Therapy in Saint Petersburg, FL?

    Most importantly, family therapy can be a safe space for individuals and families. Here, they can explore their thoughts, feelings, interactions, patterns, and experiences. Also, they can explore how they influence family dynamics. Ultimately, it is a process with many benefits when there is active participation.

    Young son on his dad's shoulders at the beach with his mom. Our St Petersburg, FL family therapist can provide support to those going through divorce or dealing with blended families. Call today to get started with family therapy to improve your household dynamics.


    Common Challenges Addressed In Family Counseling:

    • Divorce
    • Parent-child conflict
    • Problems between siblings
    • Unexpected or traumatic loss of a family member
    • Life changes

    Creating a Safe and Supportive Environment:

    • Family counseling offers a secure and supportive atmosphere. Our therapists provide a space for families to address issues and begin healing.

    Positive Outcomes of Family Therapy:

    • Developing and maintaining healthy boundaries
    • Strengthen bonds and communication
    • Understanding family patterns to problem-solve
    • Building empathy and understanding
    • Reducing family arguments

    The Journey to Long-Term Improvement With Family Therapy

    Transforming family dynamics is a journey. It needs time, commitment, and being open to explore past habits and behaviors. Thus, therapists will work with your family to gain insight and empower change.

    Why Family Therapy Matters:

    Holistic Understanding:

    Family therapy looks at the whole picture of individuals in their families. It looks at how personal and family well-being are connected and affect each other.

    Breaking Harmful Patterns:

    To break free from harmful patterns, first, families will identify them. Then they will work to understand and address them. In this step, you may find yourself looking at your limiting behaviors. Additionally, family therapy also helps individual growth.

    Enhancing Communication:

    Effective communication is very important within families. It is just as crucial when you interact with the broader community. Family therapy gives individuals the tools to talk openly and in a positive way. Thus, helping them handle issues within the family and with the systems outside of the family.

    Building Resilience:

    When we understand the impact of family dynamics builds resilience… we can understand that we become empowered to handle various life challenges.

    Family of five walking on the beach at sunset holding hands. St. Petersburg, FL family therapist can improve your family dynamics. Call today to start your family's journey towards reconnecting.

    Why Choose Family Therapy?

    Holistic Approach:

    • Family therapists look at individuals within their families. Therapists think about how families work, past experiences, and cultural influences. They also see how physical, emotional, and relational things are connected. The therapist and the family work together to create a special plan for treatment. This treatment plan deals with current problems and sets goals for big changes. The hope is to benefit many areas of your lifes.


    • Building strengths are a key focus of family therapy. Therapists give families tools and strategies that fit their specific needs. In other words, we customize these tools to match each family’s unique way of doing things. This helps families handle challenges better and build stronger relationships.

    • Importantly, we should mention that empowerment comes from working together in sessions. Our therapists assist families in learning how to talk well and solve problems. They also help everyone understand each other better. This empowerment isn’t just a quick fix. It sets the groundwork for ongoing growth. This way, it helps families stay strong when facing challenges in the future.

    Long-Term Impact:

    • Getting better takes time and steady work, they’re not quick fixes. Families can make lasting improvements by sticking to it and working together. Our family therapists look at making a difference in the long run. We hope the positive changes become a regular part of how your family functions daily.


    Take the First Step For Your Family

    At Saible Neuropsychology, we’re here to help your family create positive changes. Our therapists understand how each family is different. If your family needs help with arguments, talking better, or dealing with big changes, then we’re here for you. Get in touch with our office today to set up a time for family therapy. Don’t wait. Taking this first step could be the beginning of positive changes in your family.


    Additional Services at Saible Neuropsychology in Saint Petersburg, FL

    At Saible Neuropsychology, our dedicated therapists and experienced neuropsychologists are committed. They support individuals facing various challenges. In addition to family therapy, we offer a range of services tailored to meet your unique needs. We provide Adult Neuropsychological Evaluations, Memory and Dementia Evaluations, Gifted Evaluations, ADHD Evaluations, and Child Neuropsychological Evaluations. Individual and Couple  therapy services are also available. A holistic approach for children, teens, and adults. Our efficient administrative team are here to help you. They can assist in determining the right services. When ready, they can schedule appointments for you or your family members.

    Where We Extend Our Support

    Saible Neuropsychology extends its services to nearby cities, including Seminole, Largo, Pinellas Park, St. Pete Beach, Clearwater, Gulfport, and Palm Harbor. We are proud to serve the greater Tampa Bay region. Including New Tampa, South Tampa Lutz, Land O Lakes, Bradenton, Palmetto, and Sarasota.

    Online Counseling

    Recognizing the need for flexibility. We offer both in-person services and online therapy to cater to varying schedules and locations. For those residing outside Saint Petersburg, FL and the Tampa Bay region, our online therapy services cover the entire state of Florida. Explore our FAQs and Blog to learn more about Saible Neuropsychology and the comprehensive services we provide.



    $115 for 55-minute session.

    $130 for a 75-minute session

    $150 for a 90-minute session

    Initial intake session $130

    Now accepting select insurance plans (BCBS, UHC/Optum, Humana)