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    Dominique Mickler is a Registered Clinical Social Work Intern whose mission is to help children and adolescents reach their full potential by giving them the necessary tools to cope with difficult situations and, overall, improve their mental health. Dominique believes that a strong therapeutic bond must be established for the treatment to be effective. Dominique has a young spirit that allows her to easily relate and connect with children and teenagers through common interests such as music and shared experiences.

    Dominique believes that all children have potential to make the world a better place, but it first starts with their mental health. This is why Dominique looks to involve the child’s support system as much as possible to ensure that their treatment continues outside of the office.

    Dominique was born and raised in Bradenton, Fl and was educated through the Manatee County public school system. Dominique received her Bachelor’s of Science in Social Work and child welfare certification from Florida International University in 2019 and her Master of Social Work from the University of South Florida in 2021. While obtaining her Masters degree, Dominique worked in an inpatient psychiatric hospital and a youth outreach program. Dominique has also worked in child welfare as a case management intern and as a mental health consultant intern at a preschool/head start.

    Dominique is well versed in working with children and adolescents age 6 to 18. Dominique has experience treating a number of issues including, but not limited to, Depression, Anxiety, trauma, conduct disorders, ADHD, self-esteem, and anger management. To treat these issues, Dominique incorporates aspects of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Play Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Art Therapy, and Narrative Therapy into the treatment. Dominique also looks to incorporate the clients’ interest in the treatment.

    In her free time, Dominique enjoys listening to music, watching Disney+, rewatching the Harry Potter movies, and spending time with her family. Dominique’s favorite quote is: 

    “If you enter this world knowing you are loved and you leave this world knowing the same, then everything that happens in between can be dealt with.” by Michael Jackson.

    What our clients have to say

    “We have been going to this practice for close to a year and having nothing but great things to say about the staff.  Ms. Dominque is wonderful – kind, understanding, helpful and she cares about her patients.  The front desk is welcoming and efficient.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to others.”